About Us

This site outlines the activity events and provides information past and present relayed to the Wessex Branch of the Fly Dressers Guild.

Background History

2007 was the 40th anniversary of the Fly Dressers Guild’s foundation and today from its humble beginnings; it boasts an expanding membership of over 2000 around the world.

In 1967, the Fly Dressers Guild was but a twinkle and distant aspiration of the founding Members of Wessex Branch.  This group of Hampshire Fly Dressers led by Don Haynes met on a regular basis at the Anglers Inn, Bishopstoke, Hampshire.  With 40 years of continuous heritage, the Wessex Branch continues to be at the heart of the Guild that has grown out of our humble beginnings.

The Fly Dressers Guild Today

As the Branches, numbers have ebbed and flowed Wessex Branch moved to reflect these numbers.  Today the Branch meets at the Atherley Bowling Club, in Southampton from September to May and at Toronto Court through the summer (June to August).  Following a succesful year in 2008 we now have a fishing trip once a month through the year as well.
While we want to dress flies and use them fishing we would also like to collect the Branches Heritage for posterity and would welcome any photos or recollections that we might add here.

If you have anything to share please contact Paul Eslinger either by email (paul@eslinger.com) or telephone (07795 187632)

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